Hey Guys! New video is now live! It is my battle of the boxes! Ipsy and Birchbox are both $10 a month. I love putting these boxes up against each other to see which one does better each month. Make sure to watch the video to see which box won this month. I will have it linked down below for you as well as all the products that I received in each box.

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Hey Everyone! Happy Wednesday! I hope you are all having a wonderful day. So in this video I did my Boxycharm Unboxing. Boxycharm is my all time favorite subscription box. They are so consistent and have so many amazing products. They blow me away every month. I highly recommend it! This month was amazing! If you sign up now you should be able to receive this exact box. I will have the link down below to sign up as well as the video just in case you missed it. Let me know what your favorite product was in Boxycharm this month.
→ SUBSCRIBE TO BOXYCHARM: http://mbsy.co/dpqQz

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HAPPY MONDAY EVERYONE! So last week I uploaded my Fall Night Routine! A ton of you all enjoyed it and that made me so happy because I rarely create lifestyle videos. I definitely want to do a Fall Morning Routine very soon! Thank you all for leaving your pumpkin emojis! I love seeing my snapchatfam in the comments section! Your support is amazing and I am forever grateful for you all! I will link the video down below just in case you missed it! Leave some Fall Leaves in the comment section if you are coming from my blog! Love you all!
→ GET UNREADY WITH ME: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRvqooAhvOU
→ SKINCARE FAVORITES: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0pDKaVEUU0


Hey Everyone! Here is my huge sephora haul featuring a ton of the new 2016 holiday sets! I am so excited to review all of these new 2016 holiday sets! Who else is super excited for the holidays!? I linked the video down below just in case you missed it as well as all the products purchased with their prices. I hope you all enjoyed this huge sephora haul. Let me know in the comments down below which 2016 holiday kit you are most excited about! Also get excited for the huge holiday giveaway! I know I am! I hope you all have an amazing rest of your day!

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Hey guys! Here is my huge 200k giveaway! I cannot believe we hit 200k! I am honestly so grateful for every single one of you guys. You have been such an amazing support system. Thank you to everyone that continues to watch my videos and support me. It means the world to me. This is why I do these huge giveaways for you guys. I always love giving back to my viewers. I am already preparing for the 300k giveaway and huge holiday giveaway! Yay get excited! I will link the video down below just in case you missed it and want to see what are the prizes. There are going to be 2 winners! Good luck everyone!
→ ENTER HUGE 200K GIVEAWAY HERE!: https://gleam.io/xoHik/huge-200k-giveaway


Hey Guys! I finally filmed the Ride or Die Makeup Tag! I am so happy Jaclyn Hill created this makeup tag. These are all my ride or die makeup products that I cannot live without. I linked all products down below for you. I will also link the video down below for you just in case you missed it. Let me know in the comments what your ride or die makeup products are! I love getting recommendations from you all! Also if you choose to do the ride or die makeup tag make sure to tag me in it so I can watch it!

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Hey Everyone! Happy Monday! I am catching up on blog posts for my youtube channel. In this video I swatched the kylie lip kit shades: mailboo, ginger, brown sugar, dirty peach, love bite, and kristen. These are the newest 6 shades from kylie cosmetics. I am also doing a giveaway on 3 of the shades: dirty peach, brown sugar and love bite. Make sure to enter with the link below! Good luck to everyone that enters the kylie lip kit giveaway! Let me know in the comments down below what your favorite shade is from the kylie lip kits. I will attach my video down below for you just in case you missed it!

→ KYLIE COSMETICS REVIEWS: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL31tPCJ9KgDtK-YqWJ4V4dFRHJiNoy2xw

→ ENTER GIVEAWAY HERE: https://gleam.io/dIwzL/kylie-lip-kit-giveaway


Happy Saturday! Here is my Boxycharm unboxing for the month of August. Boxycharm just keeps slaying it every month! I am so excited for next months box! There will be an eyeshadow palette by studio makeup which is gorgeous! I definitely recommend Boxycharm and will have the link down below for you if you want to subscribe for next month’s box! I will link my Boxycharm Unboxing below for you just in case you missed it. I will have all products listed down below as well! Hope you all have a wonderful rest of your day!

→ SUBSCRIBE TO BOXYCHARM: http://mbsy.co/dpqQz 

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Hey Everyone! Here is my Sephora Play Unboxing! Sephora Play is $10 a month. I was so excited when I saw Sephora was starting a subscription box! I think it is an amazing box where you can try samples of products sold in Sephora to see if you want to purchase the full size! Sephora is one of my favorite places to shop for makeup so this is a great box for me! I think it is even trumping Birchbox and Ipsy right now! I will link my video down below for you just in case you missed it as well as all the products that came in the box!

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Hey Guys! Happy Thursday! I am so happy it is almost the weekend! So last night I uploaded a new Dope or Nope review on the Too Faced The Power of Makeup by Nikkietutorials. The Power of Makeup retails for $56 which has a total value of $209! You get so many products in the set. I think it is an amazing value and also would make a great gift for someone. In this Power of Makeup set you get 9 eyeshadows, 2 blushes, 1 bronzer, 1 highlight, 1 sketch marker eyeliner in black, 1 better than sex sample mascara in purple, 1 loose glitter pigment in glitterally, and 1 shadow insurance primer. That is a ton of product for $56. I like to compare it to Kylie’s Kyshadow palette which you get 9 eyeshadows for $42. This one you get way more product for $14 more. It is a much better value. So in this review I swatched every color for you. I will have pictures posted down below as well as the video just in case you missed it. The formulation was great in these shadows. They swatched smooth and even. They were not patchy. Also they are very easy to apply and blend as well on the eyes. As you can probably already tell I gave the Power of Makeup a Dope because it truly is a great set. I do have to say it looks very similar to many too faced palettes out there at first glance, but there is nothing completely identical. If you own the chocolate bar palettes this palette isn’t a must have because you can find similar shades in those 3 chocolate bar palettes. It all comes done to preference. Let me know your thoughts on this palette in the comments down below. I always love hearing your opinions!

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