Hey Guys! Happy Thursday! I am so happy it is almost the weekend! So last night I uploaded a new Dope or Nope review on the Too Faced The Power of Makeup by Nikkietutorials. The Power of Makeup retails for $56 which has a total value of $209! You get so many products in the set. I think it is an amazing value and also would make a great gift for someone. In this Power of Makeup set you get 9 eyeshadows, 2 blushes, 1 bronzer, 1 highlight, 1 sketch marker eyeliner in black, 1 better than sex sample mascara in purple, 1 loose glitter pigment in glitterally, and 1 shadow insurance primer. That is a ton of product for $56. I like to compare it to Kylie’s Kyshadow palette which you get 9 eyeshadows for $42. This one you get way more product for $14 more. It is a much better value. So in this review I swatched every color for you. I will have pictures posted down below as well as the video just in case you missed it. The formulation was great in these shadows. They swatched smooth and even. They were not patchy. Also they are very easy to apply and blend as well on the eyes. As you can probably already tell I gave the Power of Makeup a Dope because it truly is a great set. I do have to say it looks very similar to many too faced palettes out there at first glance, but there is nothing completely identical. If you own the chocolate bar palettes this palette isn’t a must have because you can find similar shades in those 3 chocolate bar palettes. It all comes done to preference. Let me know your thoughts on this palette in the comments down below. I always love hearing your opinions!

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