Happy Sunday Everyone! Hope you are all having a nice and relaxing weekend! Yesterday I uploaded My Makeup Storage where I showed you guys how I store and organize my makeup. I also have a Makeup Collection video that I recently uploaded as well if you guys want to see a more in depth video on my Makeup Collection. My favorite way to store my makeup is using the Original Beauty Box Acrylic drawers. As you all may know Acrylic Makeup holders are very expensive. They gave me a 25% off code for you guys that expires Oct. 31st which is “LoveMadison25” after Oct. 31st you can use my code “LoveMadison15” for 15% off and that one does not expire. Also if you are looking for lipstick organizers or smaller organizers I recommend checking out Marshalls or Home Goods. You can find some for a very good price there but unfortunately they do not carry big ones like the Original/Deluxe/Pro Beauty Box. I highly recommend the Original/Deluxe/Pro Beauty Box. They are great quality and worth the investment. I will have everything linked below for you guys. Hope you all have a wonderful rest of your weekend!
→ USE CODE “LoveMadison25” TO GET 25% OFF

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