Hey Guys! So this video has been highly requested for the past couple of months and I am so happy I am finally able to get the video up for all of you. In this dope or nope review I swatched the Kylie Cosmetics Lip kits in freedom, skylie, dark of knight, exposed and the metal lipstick in kymajesty. Kylie Cosmetics has been such a hit and a miss for me. I continue to do these reviews so that I can help people see what products are worth buying and which ones are horrible. It is unfortunate that a company that has so many issues with new launches does not have a return policy and fails to acknowledge when a product is faulty. I did order some of the products from the limited edition birthday collection and plan on trying again tomorrow to get the entire collection so that way I can review it for you all to help you decide if it is a purchase you want to make. Wish me luck. I will have the video linked below if you would like see my dope or nope review on these kylie lip kit shades.

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Kylie Metal Matte Lipsticks

Kylie Jenner just released a brand new product in her Kylie Cosmetic line! Kylie came out with Metal Matte Lipsticks! The metal matte lipsticks are retailing for $18 a lipstick. There are no lip liners included with the new metal shades. Kylie came out with three metal shades; Heir, King K and Reign. They are all absolutely gorgeous!


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