Happy Friday Everyone! So in todays video I show you products that I have received and ordered over the past week. I usually do my PO box hauls on my vlog channel, but it has been highly requested to bring it on my main channel. Let me know if you all want to continue seeing these. I can do them at the end of every week for you guys if you would like. All products are linked and listed down below for you guys if you want to check any of them out. Also let me know if there are any product reviews you want to see. I have a lot planned over the next couple of weeks. I am currently catching up on a lot of pre-filmed content and will be getting ready to do some fall makeup tutorials shortly as well as the holiday sets dope or nope reviews. I am waiting to receive a few more sets because unfortunately due to being unable to order on I don’t have a way to purchase a couple of the sets from too faced and tarte. I am hoping they come out in store soon so I can get those up for you guys! Feel free to leave any video requests down below I am currently planning out a ton of videos to do over the next couple of months! Hope you all have an amazing weekend!

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