Hey Guys! I got so many requests to do a back to school drugstore makeup tutorial, so that is exactly what I brought you today! I rarely do drugstore on my channel so I am happy I was able to include it. Yes, these are a lot of steps for school makeup, but that is exactly what I did when I was in high school and college. Except for the highlight because when I was in High School highlight didn’t exist yet haha!  I am loving the essence makeup products. I was blown away by how good the quality is! I will have the tutorial linked down below just in case you missed it as well as all the products I used. Hope you are all having a wonderful Friday!

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Hey Everyone! So Kayleigh and I collabed together and brought you guys our top 10 back to school makeup essentials! Kayleigh did her top 5 drugstore products for back to school and I did my top 5 high end products for back to school! This collab is geared towards all ages, because not only are young kids going back to school but there are also adults in college, grad school and teachers. So we wanted to meet all demographics. I will have all my products listed and linked below as well as our videos! Also don’t forget to enter my huge back to school giveaway which will be ending soon! Good luck everyone!

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Hey guys! I cannot believe next month is already August! Which means it is time to start getting ready and prepared to go back to school. I always look forward to starting a new school year. It feels so refreshing and it is always nice starting a brand new chapter in your educational journey. I must say I miss school terribly and my best advice is to sit back and enjoy it because it goes by fast. I wanted to help get you motivated and excited for the next school year that is quickly approaching so I decided to host this huge back to school giveaway! I am obsessed with all these back to school supplies haha. I will have the link listed down below if you would like to see what is in the giveaway as well as the generator link to enter. I do not choose the winner which is why I always use this generator because it is 100% unbiased. The only entry that is mandatory is that you must verify in the generator that you are subscribed. All other entries are bonus entries because this is a raffle generator. The more times your name is in the raffle generator the higher chance you have of winning. Read More