Hey guys! I cannot believe next month is already August! Which means it is time to start getting ready and prepared to go back to school. I always look forward to starting a new school year. It feels so refreshing and it is always nice starting a brand new chapter in your educational journey. I must say I miss school terribly and my best advice is to sit back and enjoy it because it goes by fast. I wanted to help get you motivated and excited for the next school year that is quickly approaching so I decided to host this huge back to school giveaway! I am obsessed with all these back to school supplies haha. I will have the link listed down below if you would like to see what is in the giveaway as well as the generator link to enter. I do not choose the winner which is why I always use this generator because it is 100% unbiased. The only entry that is mandatory is that you must verify in the generator that you are subscribed. All other entries are bonus entries because this is a raffle generator. The more times your name is in the raffle generator the higher chance you have of winning. Read More


Hey Everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful Monday! Joel is finally back home from traveling for his races. Elsa and I are so happy to have him back! So this past weekend I went to Beautycon LA with my mom and my friend Courtney! It was definitely a full day event. We left around 8am and did not get home till around 6-7pm! Elsa was not too happy about me being gone all day haha. We had so much fun though. We visited tons of booths and I got to meet some amazing PR ladies as well. Beautycon reminded me a lot of Generation Beauty, but it was in a bigger venue and was a bit more organized. Read More