Happy Tuesday Friends! So sorry my upload schedule has been so off. It will be back on track on Thursday! Now lets get into this review on the Lorac Beauty and the Beast Collection. There are four things in this collection: Lipstick Collection, Lip Gloss Collection, Cheek Palette, and an Eyeshadow Palette.

Shop the Lorac Beauty and the Beast Collection: http://bit.ly/2rd7O3O

First up we have the Lipstick Collection. There are 5 shades of lipsticks in this collection and it retails for $36. I love lorac lipstick collections. They are the best bang for your buck. Definitely worth it.

Purchase Beauty and the Beast Lipstick Collection Here: http://bit.ly/2rcXUiA


Next up we have the Lip Gloss Collection which retails for $34. I am very neutral on Lorac’s lip gloss formula. I don’t hate it but I am also not in love with it. So this is a pass for me. I must say though the shades and packaging are beautiful!

Purchase Beauty and the Beast Lip Gloss Collection Here: http://bit.ly/2rd3yBr

Third, we have the cheek palette which is my favorite in their collection. This retails for $28. You get 3 blushes and 1 highlighter. These are the same formula as their color source blushes and light source highlighters which are my all time favorites! I love this palette and have been using it non stop. The shades are beautiful and they are super pigmented. This is definitely worth it and the price point is amazing!

Purchase Beauty and the Beast Cheek Palette Here: http://bit.ly/2svZfFl

The last thing in the collection is the eye shadow palette. This retails for $48. You get 16 shadows (8 shimmer & 8 matte). This is definitely a bit more expensive compared to the mega pro palettes where you get 32 eye shadows for $59. The reason why this costs more is because of the packaging. The packaging is gorgeous though! I also really like the dual ended brush that it comes with too. I do want to worn you that I noticed quite a bit of fall out with this palette but if you make sure to knock off the excess you should be fine. Also work slowly with the darker shadows to avoid fall out on the cheeks. Watch my video to see the brush and technique that I used to make the bolder blue shadow work.

Purchase Beauty and the Beast Eye Shadow Palette Here: http://bit.ly/2rcIyea


Check out my video of me using this collection: https://youtu.be/rJy7WvIYC6c




  1. Oh my goodness! This collection is Gorgeous!! The packaging is absolutely divine. Thanks for the review Madison!!

  2. Amazing eye shadow swatches, and loved the lipstick colours, definitely worth it! 😍 Headed to YouTube to see more of this beauty! 😍😍

  3. I’m so in love w the packaging of these products!! I love ur in depth swatches and review on this collection. It will def b a pass for me this time but I can see it being a HUGE hit amongst Disney fans! Love U

  4. These are so beautiful!! & Don’t worry about your uploading schedule, girl! You’re perfectly fine! We all love you no matter what!

  5. Thanks Madison for showing swatches and the products close up. Everything about this collection is gorgeous! Your video was amazing and the look you created was stunning! 💗

  6. This was a great blog post well done Madison! The collection is so nice cant wait till mine comes.

    (I comment in your youtube videos 😂 )

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