Hey Everyone! So it has been awhile since I have done a blog post. Life has been super hectic and busy this past month. I am so happy to be spending the week filming and editing videos for my main channel. I know this is a super late upload tonight but I really wanted to get a video up for all of you. In today’s video I did a dope or nope review on the Koko Collection from Kylie Cosmetics. Also just as a heads up I was able to get my hands on the Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Collection! I will be doing a dope or nope review on the kits yay! I am super excited to try out the new products. But back to the koko collection. The Koko Collection retails for $40, but unfortunately it is currently unavailable. I am hoping she brings it back to her shop. You get 3 liquid lipsticks and 1 lipgloss. I will show swatches down below for you.

The box packaging  is gorgeous. It is a white box with rose gold accents and lettering.


I also have to give the liquid lipstick/lipgloss packaging a huge thumbs up. I love the rose gold that she used.


The first shade here is called Khlo$. This is a stunning rosey nude. I think it would be gorgeous on all skin tones and is perfect for everyday wear. The only down part to this shade is the formulation. It felt a little more drying than the other shades. I definitely recommend using a lip balm underneath.


The next shade is called Okurrr. This is a stunning hot pink shade. I noticed the formulation on this shade was more comfortable and less drying than Khlo$. The only down part to this shade is how much it stains the lips lol.


The third shade is called Gorg. This is a stunning berry shade. This is definitely a go to fall and winter shade. I also love how this is not patchy and also very comfortable on the lips.


The last shade is the lipgloss called Damn Gina. I had to pair this on top of Khlo$ because it was hard to see on my stained lips. I do notice her lip glosses that have the shimmer in them break apart the lipstick underneath. I don’t notice it in her opaque shades such as koko k. I only notice it in her shimmer shades. The lip gloss is very pretty though. It is a stunning pink nude shimmer gloss.

I definitely have to give this set a Dope because you get a great bang for your buck and I really like the shades. Comment down below which one is your favorite shade!


  1. It’s so hard to pick a favorite, they are all very pretty!! I guess it would go Khlo$ and then Gorg. Thanks for the info Madison!!

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