Hey guys! I hope you are all having an amazing Thursday! Yay it is almost time for Beautycon! I am so excited for Saturday. Let me know if you guys are going to Beautycon! Now to the review. I have had so many requests to do a Dope or Nope on Jeffree Star Cosmetics. I ordered these products a long time ago and have been holding onto them until I received my liquid lipsticks; unicorn blood, rose matter, and mannequin. I ordered these products in the video from Beautylish and the liquid lipsticks from I received my beautylish order in a timely fashion. My order was a different story unfortunately. I ordered them on June 8th and received a confirmed order number. About 5 days ago I was asking myself where in the world is my order because I have been holding onto all the products so I could do one big review on everything. I emailed customer service with my order number asking where is my order. They finally got back to me 5 days later saying “thank you for confirming your address. Within 24 hrs you will be receiving a tracking number.” First off, I never confirmed my address in that email which has led me to believe they never fulfilled my order. I am thankful they made the correction and they are now shipping my order, but this should have never happened in the first place. If you want to try jeffree star cosmetics, I highly recommend going through beautylish and not going through his website because I have come to find out this has happened to a ton of people as well. Now to the drama of the Jeffree Star Cosmetics. I have never really followed him nor have I followed the drama. I have seen the incident with the Kylie Glosses which I am thankful for him being so honest because those wands were horrendous! Due to a lot of your requests I did head over to Stephanie Nicole’s video on him and watched the entire thing. First, I just want to say I absolutely love Stephanie Nicole! Her knowledge and research is outstanding! She is definitely a youtuber that I look up to and respect! Now to her video. She did a very in depth review on his products and then she ended the video with all the drama that surrounds Jeffree Star. From incidents that happened 10 years ago to incidents that happened just a month ago. I was blown away and now completely understand everyone’s opinions on Jeffree Star and how they cannot support his brand. I will have my review linked below if you would like to watch it, but I completely understand if you must pass on this video. I did a very unbiased review on his cosmetics. It is just a makeup review not a review on a person. I am happy I did not know about the drama because it did allow me to be completely 100% unbiased. Feel free to watch it if you would like and if not I completely respect your decision. I will have another video up for you today around 5pm, which is a haul! Yay!

This video was also a collab with Danielle Rae! I will have her video linked below so you can check out her tutorial on the palette and don’t forget to subscribe to her! I love her channel! She has one of the best personalities and is such a joy to watch.


  1. I bought a liquid lipstick yesterday and now that i have read this, i’m kind of worried that something could happen. This is my first time buying his product, so i hope things don’t go bad. Thanks for this post. It gives me a heads up for what might happen.

  2. Your dope or nope series are amazing!! 😍😍 i always want to watch them 👍👍👍👍!! Can you please do a review on the Christian louboutin lipsticks?? Thank you

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