Happy Saturday Everyone! Yesterday I uploaded a fall get ready with me using the new lorac mega pro 3 palette. A ton of you guys wanted to see a tutorial using the palette so I included it in my get ready with me. I have a drugstore fall get ready with me coming soon as well! It will be live next week. Also today I will be uploading a huge sephora haul showing you a ton of the holiday kits that I will be reviewing and giving away. Yay! Also my huge 300k giveaway will be live when we reach 300k and the holiday giveaway will be up next month just in time for the holidays to start! Hope you all enjoyed this fall get ready with me! I will link it down below just in case you missed it as well as all the products I used. Have a great rest of your weekend!

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Hey Guys! Sorry my September Favorites were so late this month. I promise my October Favorites will be on time. I swear each month just feels like it is going by faster and faster! Now we entering all the holidays! Who else is excited for Halloween! I am hoping to get up at least one Halloween tutorial this month. I have never done one before so I am a bit nervous lol. But anyways just in case any of you have missed my September Favorites I will have the video linked down below as well as all the products I mentioned! Hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week!

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Happy Thursday Everyone! I wanted to share with you all my Sephora Play Unboxing for September. Sephora Play has quickly become my favorite subscription box for $10 a month. My all time favorite is Boxycharm but that is $21 a month. I think Sephora play is the perfect way to try out products that are sold in Sephora. This month Sephora play was amazing. I will link the video down below for you just in case you missed it as well as all the products that were in the Sephora Play box this month. Hope you all have a wonderful rest of day and week! Also for everyone that lives in the location of Hurricane Matthew please be safe and I will keep you in my prayers! Love you all!

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Happy Sunday Everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! I recently reviewed the brand new Lorac Mega Pro 3 Palette. It retails for $59 and is Ulta Exclusive. Lorac holiday collection will be launching October 2nd in Ulta and Khols. Some items will be Ulta exclusive and some will be Khols exclusive. I just got back from Ulta this morning because I went to purchase 2 of the Mega Pro 3 Palettes for the Holiday Giveaway. Unfortunately they did not release the rest of the Lorac Holiday Collection in store today. They only released the palettes. I highly recommend getting the palette as fast as you can because it does sell out rather quickly every year. I will link it down below for you as well as the swatches and dope or nope review!

Purchase Lorac Mega Pro 3 Here: http://bit.ly/2dC7TaN

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Happy Sunday Everyone! Hope you are all having a nice and relaxing weekend! Yesterday I uploaded My Makeup Storage where I showed you guys how I store and organize my makeup. I also have a Makeup Collection video that I recently uploaded as well if you guys want to see a more in depth video on my Makeup Collection. My favorite way to store my makeup is using the Original Beauty Box Acrylic drawers. As you all may know Acrylic Makeup holders are very expensive. They gave me a 25% off code for you guys that expires Oct. 31st which is “LoveMadison25” after Oct. 31st you can use my code “LoveMadison15” for 15% off and that one does not expire. Also if you are looking for lipstick organizers or smaller organizers I recommend checking out Marshalls or Home Goods. You can find some for a very good price there but unfortunately they do not carry big ones like the Original/Deluxe/Pro Beauty Box. I highly recommend the Original/Deluxe/Pro Beauty Box. They are great quality and worth the investment. I will have everything linked below for you guys. Hope you all have a wonderful rest of your weekend!
→ WEBSITE: http://originalbeautybox.com
→ USE CODE “LoveMadison25” TO GET 25% OFF

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Happy Friday Everyone! So in todays video I show you products that I have received and ordered over the past week. I usually do my PO box hauls on my vlog channel, but it has been highly requested to bring it on my main channel. Let me know if you all want to continue seeing these. I can do them at the end of every week for you guys if you would like. All products are linked and listed down below for you guys if you want to check any of them out. Also let me know if there are any product reviews you want to see. I have a lot planned over the next couple of weeks. I am currently catching up on a lot of pre-filmed content and will be getting ready to do some fall makeup tutorials shortly as well as the holiday sets dope or nope reviews. I am waiting to receive a few more sets because unfortunately due to being unable to order on Ulta.com I don’t have a way to purchase a couple of the sets from too faced and tarte. I am hoping they come out in store soon so I can get those up for you guys! Feel free to leave any video requests down below I am currently planning out a ton of videos to do over the next couple of months! Hope you all have an amazing weekend!

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Hey Guys! New video is now live! It is my battle of the boxes! Ipsy and Birchbox are both $10 a month. I love putting these boxes up against each other to see which one does better each month. Make sure to watch the video to see which box won this month. I will have it linked down below for you as well as all the products that I received in each box.

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Hey Everyone! Happy Wednesday! I hope you are all having a wonderful day. So in this video I did my Boxycharm Unboxing. Boxycharm is my all time favorite subscription box. They are so consistent and have so many amazing products. They blow me away every month. I highly recommend it! This month was amazing! If you sign up now you should be able to receive this exact box. I will have the link down below to sign up as well as the video just in case you missed it. Let me know what your favorite product was in Boxycharm this month.
→ SUBSCRIBE TO BOXYCHARM: http://mbsy.co/dpqQz

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HAPPY MONDAY EVERYONE! So last week I uploaded my Fall Night Routine! A ton of you all enjoyed it and that made me so happy because I rarely create lifestyle videos. I definitely want to do a Fall Morning Routine very soon! Thank you all for leaving your pumpkin emojis! I love seeing my snapchatfam in the comments section! Your support is amazing and I am forever grateful for you all! I will link the video down below just in case you missed it! Leave some Fall Leaves in the comment section if you are coming from my blog! Love you all!
→ GET UNREADY WITH ME: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRvqooAhvOU
→ SKINCARE FAVORITES: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0pDKaVEUU0


Hey Everyone! Here is my huge sephora haul featuring a ton of the new 2016 holiday sets! I am so excited to review all of these new 2016 holiday sets! Who else is super excited for the holidays!? I linked the video down below just in case you missed it as well as all the products purchased with their prices. I hope you all enjoyed this huge sephora haul. Let me know in the comments down below which 2016 holiday kit you are most excited about! Also get excited for the huge holiday giveaway! I know I am! I hope you all have an amazing rest of your day!

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